decent human being trying to explore this world

      My name is Linda Strauta Brauere, based and living in Latvia - beautiful country surrounded by north winds, misty forests and the melancholic dunes of Baltic sea. 
      I am the main photographer behind Bilzu Ligzda, which literary means "a nest of pictures" - bold, vibrant and timeless captures of world I see. 
I believe  that printed media is stronger than digital, and that tactile senses are stronger than those which are virtual. My desk is always full of paper-cards, pieces of craft magazines, and little post-notes of books to read.
     When I was thinking of a name for my photography business, my first thoughts about warm and vivid photos were those that ‘speak’ of nature, creation, memories and emotions.
      Bilzu Ligzda is "heart-centered",  full of fearless spirit  and vibrant, it has its own eyes.
I have a bachelor degree in New Media Arts (from Art Research Lab, Liepaja University), a toddler boy Rudolfs, a Nikon D750 in my hands, ‘mobile’ studio and a full head with ideas to realize in dialogue with you. So if you like what you read & see here - jump in!!
I regulary shoot weddings, family photoshoots, couples, kids, little bit of lifestyle and food.
Also I have experience shooting still lifes, crafts, 360 panoramas, real-estate, song and dance, as well as other non-conventional artistic or technological works. Ask if you would like to see more.


Brave enough to Learn forever 


Oldschool classics Are timeless 


lady who loves dresses and   
drives through mud and offroads




four things  about me


"You need special shoes for hiking- and a bit of special soul as well"

To be aware of your own dreams I enjoy beauty of nature, mountains, forests and mostly traveling with small backback and good walking shoes. That`s it. I`m not a five star hotel fan, but always searching for a five star landscape to capture. I am curious about every new culture experience and always try to taste little piece of every place  I visit.

photo taken in Scotland, Ben A`an Mountain, 2019


Motherhood never sleeps

Appreciate time with family is rule number one. Little feet hanging around, twitching and jumping, and trying to pull me away prom computer. To train my own creativity I teach my toddler everything from stickers to gingerbread baking. Art of learning never ever sleeps even when I have "holidays"

Zakopane, High Tatry, 2019


Books, traditional textile &graphic design

I am also inspired by traditional Latvian textile - fabric, skirts and my moms handicraft bussiness "Lindraki". The beauty what comes with wool yarns and colors, is beyond ordinary. Parallel to photography, I read a lot. I find peace in between the pages of  books. Also enjoing to brainstorm some graphic logos.

Traditional textile, "Lindraki", 2019



Let`s build a nest of memories together?

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