Every session is unique, made in a documental manner and characteristic style of warm, vibrant colors. My business is continually growing as well as my creative vision, and I’m always excited to talk about the latest ideas I’m ready to create with you.

“To collect photographs is to collect the world.”
Susan Sontag

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Working Together

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I `am honored when photos are featured on magazines and in print.

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Duggal Visual Solutions Landscape Contest Winner

Wedding Day Pricing 

Half Wedding day  starts at 350 Eur

Full Wedding day starts at 600 Eur

 Full Wedding day with album starts at 850 Eur

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Family Session Pricing

Family session start at 80 Eur

Couple&maternity  sessions start at 100 Eur

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Individual Session Pricing

Bussiness portraits starts at 100 Eur

Portrait session start at 80 Eur

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Food & Product Session Pricing

Food&Product starts at 150 Eur

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1.Where are you based?

I am based in Latvia, Jelgava, however happy to work and collaborate outside my country

Usually I am open to many ideas from couples, which includes adventurous photoshoot locations, style and attributes, however I do not copy other artists or follow trends, so if you wish to have a 100%-copied style of something, it is better if we make our own rules:)

5.Do you have your own transport/car to "be on time"? Are travel expenses are included?

I am on my own, but my sister makes wonderful videos

Full 14h wedding gallery contains around 1200+ photos, family sessions around 200 pictures. Every gallery is delivered with a personalized web link

4.How many images will we receive after wedding day or family session?

Yes, I do have my own car and travel expenses in Latvia are included in price

6.Bad weather - rain? 

I love rain! Don`t panic, if it rains. Rain always comes with lot of fun, puddles make reflections, sky is beautifuly overcast, and the light is wonderful. More than the bright sun at midday, I really enjoy sunset time, sunrise hours, and different weather conditions.

It depends on the workload, but usually I work as fast as possible to deliver your photos. Wedding galleries takes 1,2 months - 2 months. Family, couple session takes 1 week.

2.Can you make my wedding photos look like this trend or this photographer ?

7.How fast do you deliver photos? 

3.Is it just you that photographs our day or do you have a second photographer?

Wedding Delivery Pack

Every wedding delivery pack is special. It`s personalized, fully filled with love and careful touches of photo album, craft, paper, some printed A5 photos and other gifts. Your wedding Delivery Package depends on the coverage you choose. 


Let`s build a nest of memories together?

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